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FIFA 12 NTSC-U ENG (XBOX360) Download

FIFA 12 NTSC-U ENG (XBOX360) Download | 7.5 GB
Genre: Sport (Soccer) | Language: English | Platform: XBOX360
Developer: EA Sports | Region: NTSC-U

FIFA 12 brings the genre of sports simulation to a new level with innovative physics engine Player Impact Engine. Now clashes players, selection and power struggle ball looks the same as in real matches. The new system allows Precision Dribbling better retain the ball even in limited space. This means that players will have more time for decision making in attack and more opportunities to control the pace of the match. System Tactical Defending responsible for the arrangement of players on the field and their acts of interception the ball. By good tactical coordination and synchronization in the new series dramatically increase the efficiency of the command of Defense. Managed advanced artificial intelligence athletes will take more informed decisions, taking full advantage of their best qualities and skills of team-mates.

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- Engine Player Impact Engine, is in development for two years, to realize the power struggle in the game to a new qualitative level. Physical contact on the field have become more realistic. In this case the players control the ball more confidently and quickly recovered from the lungs of fighting and attacks.
- Now controlled artificial intelligence try to use their best qualities and skills of team-mates. At the same time they address the flaws in the game and players of the enemy. Thus, attacking actions are built teamwork, individual skills of attacking and breaking the opponent in the defense of the weakest areas.
- Due to better control the ball players will be more time for decision-making in the attack and to influence the pace of the match.
- Redesigned the game mechanics in the defense allows you to set impenetrable redoubt on the way the opponent through the correct choice of position and synchronization of actions of players.
- Service EA SPORTS Football Club will ensure a continuous updating of the game FIFA 12 in accordance with the events of the current football season. Also, a new online system will allow players to keep your favorite clubs, to compete with football fans from different virtual countries, and to watch their accomplishments, and changing their status in the world, FIFA 12, to share news with friends in other communities such as Facebook.
- Support Your Club - the main mode of EA SPORTS Football Club - will give players the opportunity to develop your favorite clubs and teams to compete with rivals, earning the club points and pushing his team to the top of the table Support Your Club League. The composition of virtual leagues will change every week, so new opponent and causes for events will always be enough.
- Player Impact Engine real-time tracking of physical contact, analyzes the effect of collisions and strikes to calculate the damage. In the Career Mode will have to take into account the nature of the injury and the risk of repeated in cases where the field out nedolechivshiesya players.
- What is happening on the screen more and more like a television broadcast due to improved lighting, a new representation of the fans in the stands and advanced camera operation.
- More than 500 officially licensed clubs and over 15,000 players.


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